The Healthy Way To Resolve Conflict in Relationship

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Conflict Management in RelationshipWhat do you do when you have conflicts in your relationship?

Many of us have strategies to resolve problems in many areas of our life such as physical health and careers.

However, we often assume conflict in our relationship will just work itself out.

We assume that if we ignore the problems, they will go away.

This is a recipe for ultimate pain in any relationship.

The truth is, all relationships are going to have the occasional disagreements or arguments.

Conflict itself does not break relationships, but it is how we overcome it that nake or break our relationships.

“A healthy relationship is characterized as a relationship that is of personal significance and mutual benefit, trust and respect. It is not one that is free from challenges, but one where the involved parties know how to overcome the challenges” (James Justin).

The trick is to transform the conflict into opportunity by bringing more fun and energy to your relationships. This is one of the bes ways to build our relationships.

Therefore, tke time out to discuss your relational conflicts and develop a solution together with your loved ones to overcome your conflicts.

The next time you are in a fight with your loved ones, turn up the fun. Make it ridiculous to ease the tension, and remember not to sweat the small stuff.

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