The Power of Your Story

James Justin Top 10

the-power-of-your-story“Story tells, story sales!”
It’s not what happened to us that break us; it’s our actions to what happened to us that make us.
It’s true we can’t control life. However, we can control certain things in life!
We can control our mindset and our attitudes! And that’s great news! Because our attitudes determine our actions; and our actions determine our results!
What’s the theme of your life story? Is the story you tell yourself builds you up or tears you down?
If you change the theme of your story from a negative to a positive one, you’ll change your life!
You have a powerful story. Find it, own it and use it! The theme of your story is the platform God will use to speak through you for His glory.
Are you ready for God to inspire you, transform your life and those around you?
If so, I invite you to change the theme of your story to a positive one today!
I’m here to help you!
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