Top 3 Tips for Overcoming Loneliness during the Holidays

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Why am I lonely?

“I am a school teacher. I’m surrounded the entire work day by students, parents, colleagues and administrative staff. I come home, where I am surrounded by my husband, two children, one dog and a cat…all who love me and crave my attention. My continuing depression led me to seek counseling, where I discovered that I wasn’t depressed, I was lonely! How could I be lonely when I’m surround by people ALL DAY? That’s when I started my journey of discovery into what loneliness really is, and how I truly CAN control its intensity and impact on my life.” —Mary Shales

Mary’s situation is similar to many who do not recognize the signs of loneliness, or even that loneliness truly is “a thing;” an emotional mental stressor that, as research has revealed, is as bad for our health as heart disease!

It’s first important to understand what loneliness is. Loneliness is an unpleasant emotional response to isolation. Loneliness is what you perceive as a DISCONNECT from what you crave in relationships, friendships and other things you love.

But what many people fail to learn is that loneliness, much as with stress, can be controlled!

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The holidays are particularly difficult for some. The season can often trigger experiences of relationship trouble, grief and loneliness. But the way that we recognize and manage our emotions and possible triggers is the key to avoiding increased distress, and even mental health problems.

Strategies to help ourselves by regulating emotions can be especially useful for the most common stressors during the holidays. This season, don’t expect loneliness or any of the other stress that usually accompanies this time of year.

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Top 3 Tips for Overcoming Loneliness during the Holidays

1. PROACTIVELY increase your sense of connection to others during the holidays. Create the opportunity to make friends or develop intimate relationships by following your interests. Visit art galleries, join a hiking club, get active in local politics or a charity. Do things you enjoy in the company of others who share your mindset, beliefs and interests. Even if you don’t meet anyone special, you are still doing something you enjoy. You can’t lose with this one!

2. MUSIC: Some of our favorite and most recognizable classic holiday songs are sad, especially if they trigger an emotion to a strong attraction, past or present MEMORIES. Don’t listen to them! There are so many other HAPPY holiday songs that trigger our “happier buttons!” It is important to reminisce and remember loved ones, but why waste time with sad songs? If you’re at work or shopping when you hear a particularly personal or emotional song playing, adjust your MINDSET to filter the triggers from your emotions. (Find out how, by reading OUR Best-selling book, MINDSET!)

3. FUN, FUN, FUN: Make something Fun and Share It! Paul Townsend of the Foundation for Art & Healing promotes the scientific and scholarly findings that loneliness can be relieved with day-to-day creative activities at any skill level, and that making art reduces stress hormones, and activates the brain’s reward pathway. Make something fun, cook something, bake something, paint something…then give it away. Make It and Share It!

For more techniques you can use to overcome loneliness and stress during the holidays, continue to follow our blog posts, read MINDSET and don’t forget to call Coach James for a FREE results coaching session at!

We want you to have a wonderful holiday filled with God’s blessings, as we celebrate the season of Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Until next time, take one step each day to TRANSFORM your life and your business!

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