Top 3 Ways to Succeed with Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year! Let’s make this year the best one ever!

Don’t just have a Happy New Year…MAKE it a Happy Year!

“My wife and I had been through a lot of difficult times in our two decades of marriage. Every New Year’s Eve we would say, This is going to be our best year. We’ve had enough bad luck; we deserve better. Good things will happen for us this year for a change.”

This quote is from one of my client. It’s one that I hear quite often.

But the key to a Happy New Year or any event, endeavor or project is to realize that the “change” you so desire must first come from within, not from without.

Only when you develop a growth MINDSET and pursue your goals can you make the leap from hoping for good luck, to developing a magnetic MINDSET that actually attracts positive results in every aspect of your life.

This year, find out how by reading MINDSET, available at Amazon or!

We often choose the New Year to make resolutions in an effort to better our lives in some way. And it’s a good time to make resolutions: New Year…New You!

Unfortunately, on average only 8% of the people who make New Year’s Resolutions actually keep them past February!

Of the 92% who do not continue with their resolutions, for many it is because their goals…their “resolutions” are not realistic. Psychology professor Peter Herman and his colleagues call this “false hope syndrome.”

In other words, “six-pack abs” may not be a realistic or attainable goal for everyone. (An experienced trainer at any gym will be able to tell you after one session if it is a realistic goal!) And if six-pack abs are not a reality, maybe losing twenty pounds this year IS! Your chance of success is much greater if your goal is realistic.

Don’t be one of the “92 percenter” who don’t pursue their goals… Dream BIG, but set small goals and pursue them one step out of time. To help you achieve your goals this New Year, I’m giving you a complimentary coaching session. Visit and schedule your coaching session now!

Top 3 Ways to Succeed with Your New Year’s Resolutions

1. Be certain that your resolutions are realistic and attainable.

2. Make a plan. Decide what your path to success will look like.

3. Engage. Do something. Most agree that you often don’t succeed without first failing. If you fell off your diet this week, rationalize that you still have the rest of the year to succeed, and hop back on!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Don’t let life just happen to you. MAKE it a Happy New Year. Read my new book, MINDSET, follow me on social media, schedule your free counseling session and make this your most transformative year EVER!

Until next time, think BIG, Take a BOLD step every day to achieve the results you desire and deserve.

Yours truly!

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