What is Addiction?

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Did you know that…

• Addiction is a disease that is completely treatable

• Addiction is unpredictable—it can happen to anyone at any time and excess stress can cause relapse at recovery

• Many addicts suffer from co-occurring disorders, meaning they have other mental health conditions

The more you understand addiction, the better prepared you will be to combat it and help those around you. In this month blog series, we’ll focus on the most common addictions.

What is Addiction?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, addiction is a brain disorder, a disease that makes a person want to repeat certain behaviors such as gambling, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and other drugs, despite knowing that the behavior may have dangerous or adverse physical, mental, financial and social effects.

The behavior is continually repeated because the brain disorder leads the addicted person to believe that the behavior is in some way pleasurable or desirable. The addiction is usually reinforced with these repeated behaviors over time.

There are many types of addiction including drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex and gambling. But all addictions share some type of “reward” …the itch that constantly needs to be scratched.

3 Signs that someone has an addiction…

1. They participate in behavior they know is bad for them.

2. They believe that the behavior will “reward” them with some type of relief or pleasure.

3. They believe that they must continue to engage in this behavior because they can’t quit.

Addiction is a real issue that real people experience every day. An addiction can cause serious physical, psychological, social and financial problems. It’s also known to cause family separations and divorces.

3 Tips to overcome any addiction…

1. Acknowledge the problem

2. Develop a positive mental attitude

3. Seek immediate help from your loved ones and professionals

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P.S: Stay tuned for the next blog post… “Understanding Addition: How Compulsive Behaviors are Destroying Lives” and its Role in Feeding the Addiction’s Reward Cycle.”

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