What’s the Silver Lining in the Clouds?

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Silver Lining in the Clouds

Mary, one of my clients asked me to help her understand the concept of “Silver Lining in the Clouds.”  My first instinct was to share what I think. In fact, I started sharing my opinion, but I stopped and asked Mary to share with me what it means to her. This is what she said…


It is an expression with powerful wisdom. This expression reminds us that there’s always a lesson in every experience. Every challenge offers an opportunity for growth and development. Cloudy moments are for only a season, and we have the power to overcome every cloudy situation in our lives.


This is a great description, I told Mary. I am glad that you shared your definition with me. I added, “in due time and with the help of a friend, family members and a mentor, we can overcome difficult times and transform our lives.   I listened attentively to Mary and I encouraged Mary in her difficult time. I helped her identify some powerful tools that she used to overcome her obstacles and transform her life.

Question, what’s the cloud blocking your sunshine, your vision, your success, your joy and happiness?

Imagine… you have ALL the tools, the support and the guidance you need to achieve all your goals! How would it feel to know that you’re running at optimum level—in every aspect of your life—achieving extraordinary RESULTS!

You’d be making the best possible decisions; making more money, you’d be more creative, more productive, more successful, healthier and HAPPIER THAN EVER!

Everything you need to find and overcome the silver lining in the clouds and transform your life is already available. Everything you need to create the life you want is at your disposal. You just have to take the first step. You know you can do it! So… let’s just do it! Get the help you need to achieve your goals.

Let’s get started and get you the RESULTS you want right now! Call 407-493-7486 and post your comment below!

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