Why count your blessings

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Imagine having crystal clear vision today, yet 2 weeks from now all you can see are blurry shapes and objects. Your eye doctor explains that you’ve lost your sight for life…

A month later, you go see your family doctor for a follow up visit, and he gives you the shock of your life. He says, “Your bone test came back positive and you’ve cancer…”

This is the story of Mary, one of my former clients. Mary was 25 years old single mother with 2 children. To make matter worse, she was homeless. Using my resource network, I was able to help Mary find temp housing at a local homeless shelter while we secured permanent housing.

Despite the medical reports and her living situation, Mary is one of the most optimistic, positive and happiest person I ever met. Every time we met, she always had a bid smile in her face. She was ever grateful each time I visited her.

She found our counseling sessions helpful in finding inner peace while adjusting to her life situation. She decided to accept the available treatment plan recommended by her doctors.

More importantly, she found what matter most in her life. It’s her faith and her family. She appreciates every moment with her children. She is a loving and caring mother.

A year later from our last session, I followed up to check on Mary. I’m happy to find out that she’s doing well! She has an apartment, a job and she’s happy enjoying everyday life!

Mary is an inspiration! She inspires me to count my blessings, to be grateful to God and to everyone in my life. Mary’s story reminds me that life is a gift; and it needs to be cherished every day. It helps me prioritize my life based on my core values.

I hope that Mary’s story inspire you as well! It’s important to take time off to enjoy your blessings and focus on what matter most in your life.

What’re your reasons to be grateful today? I’d like to hear from you! Post your comment below or click HERE!

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