Why Do We Develop Addictions?

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From our previous post, we discovered that addiction is a brain disorder that controls and magnifies our desire for a certain substances or behaviors. But why do we become addicted…to anything?

There are many theories about why people become addicted. According to Dr. Jennifer Fernandez from the Pathways Institute, the most popular theory is the disease model. This theory explains that addiction has a biological origin that causes changes in the brain. Studies of twins who have been separated at birth show that they are likely to develop addictions, despite growing up in different home environments.
Since nobody chooses to be addicted, a better understanding of addiction may come from asking how we become addicted and taking the steps to overcome it.

We now know that addiction is caused when the neurotransmitters in our brain (the things that tell our bodies when we are hungry, cold, tired, happy and sad); and when the brain becomes damaged-or hijacked…making it difficult for the brain to experience pleasure the same way.
After some time, addiction allows compulsion the take over. Compulsion is when the damaged brain retains the memory of the desired effect, even after the actual “high” or rewarding sensation has ended. And the cycle of addiction continues.

3 Cravings of Addiction…

1. An intense craving for a substance or behavior.

2. A loss of control in stopping the craving.

3. A craving to continue the behavior or substance use despite its adverse effects.

Addition is a real issue affecting people every day. It’s a problem that must be addressed by seeking professional help and the assistance of natural help from family and friends.
When a person’s brain is consumed by an addiction, it affects his or her capacity for learning and motivation to change. That is why willpower alone is not enough to overcome the addition. Professional coaching or counseling is recommended to overcome any addiction.

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