Why Negative Thinking is Your Greatest Obstacle To Happiness & Success

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Your mindset is every… It determines your reality and who you are.

If your goal is to achieve more happiness and success in life and in business, developing a positive mindset is the primary step to take.

In the video below, Dr. Alison Ledgerwood described the impact of negative thinking in our lives and how we can get unstuck from it.

What this video and post your comment below!

Every path to happiness and success is faced with obstacles. However, sometimes the biggest obstacle keeping people from reaching their goals is their own mind.

Nothing is more powerful than a determined and positive mind.

By the same token, though, nothing can derail your progress toward happiness and success quite as easily and quickly as negative thinking (the constant dwelling in the loop of negativity).

Negative thinking is like a silent killer. It slowly killing you inside out. Negative thoughts are like a bucket of water thrown on the fires of determination. Negative thoughts can kill your motivation, snuff out good ideas before they have a chance to develop, keep you from capitalizing on golden opportunities in front of you. 

One of the most important steps to overcome negative thinking is to replace them with an outlook of positivity, realistic and optimism attitude. You can get started by reading the book, MINDSET.

Click HERE to discover more about this book! In “MINDSET“, I discuss why negative thoughts are so dangerous to your happiness and success and how to transform your life.

The second step to transform your life to a happier you is to take one simple action each day toward your goals.

Negative thoughts are learned over time. The good news is that they can be unlearn by renewing your mind with new information and exposures; and taking positive actions toward a specific goal.

Often times, negative thoughts stem from your subconscious mind. The true origins of these thoughts can come from our innermost resistance, blocks, and self-sabotage.

Can you guess where these thoughts stem from?

Here are some sources:

Your childhood

Your family and friends

Your mentors

Your media

Post your comment below to add to this list.

Until next time, think BIG and take a BOLD step to transform your life and your business!!

To a Happier YOU!!!!!

James Justin
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